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Mala - Calle F

Labelled by many as ‘Dubstep’, this latest track from producer, Mala is a sneak-peak into the forthcoming album ‘Mala in Cuba’. If that title didn’t tell you enough, basically, Mala took a trip to Havana, and recorded an album with local musicians. The result? An extraordinary fusion of cultures and sound that envelope piano chords, and trumpet solos into a heavily bass infused shuffling beat.

For me, this is not dubstep, at least not in the sense we understand it today; this is two-step with an air of sophistication and well-travelled shoes. A true collaboration of sounds and artists, caputuring both the Latina spirit and zest for life, as well as the darker, and grittier sounds of Shoreditch and Croydon at 4am.

When this new album drops expect to see it here on EAR AESTHETICS as soon as I can get my hands on it. WOW.

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