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NEXT - Too Close (Secrets Wet Edit)

I’ve got to make an admission, I used to be a bit of a Blue fan. Blue, for those of you not in the know were a UK boyband who had moderate success in the early to mid-naughties. They were possibly one of the most talented of all the boyband groups that cropped up, and certainly held an appeal beyond hormonal thirteen year old girls which definitely helped. The 1998 original by NEXT whilst only managing a meagre #24 in the UK charts was a much bigger success in 2004 with Blue’s cover which became their first #1.

Now, in case anyone doesn’t quite understand what this song is about, Wikipedia can help us out:

The song is about a man who has become aroused by a young woman who is grinding on him at the club and cannot control said arousal.

Whatever would we do without Wikipedia, eh?