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Cole Medina - Love For The Sake of House

OH MY FUCKING GOD… The original of this song by Montell Jordan from way back in 1999 is one of those seminal LET’S FUCK tunes… And I’m pretty sure every single one of you knows exactly what I am talking about. Babies have been made to this song. There are humans on this planet who have Montell Jordan to thank for their creation. This is what this song is. Sex. Absolute sex. If you think I’m being crude, give it a listen and feel free to tell me otherwise.

So upon hearing this edit by Cole Medina which has somehow amped up the sexy with some funky disco vibes, I’m sure you can appreciate I may have become just a little over excited.

I cannot say any more other than listen and grind with that special someone because this is exactly what I fully intend to do…

This has also been a post of immense TMI! Sharin’ is carin’ y’all!