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ColeCo - Ricky Smiley (Free EP!)

Toronto based production-duo, ColeCo have worked some godly wonders upon Brandy’s 1994 track I Wanna Be Down(which really is the epitome of generic 90’s R&B), and produced some rather delicious nu-disco.

Music aside, those vocals. Upon my initial listen I was convinced this was Toni Braxton; and I L O V E Toni Braxton’s voice. Needless to say, I very much doubt it is, although who ever is responsible for those vocals I congratulate you on your lovely voice. A grown voice for a grown-up song; which lets be honest, Brandy’s original was severely lacking.

This really is quite the tune. And what is more, ColeCo have released their EP for absolutely free! Now that’s what I like. Free, and extremely good music to boogie down to.

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